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Bloom · Blanket

Introducing Bloom. Suspended lighting centrepieces inspired by the first blooms of spring.

Radiant day or night, illuminated porcelain buds ascend to higher levels, echoing the natural patterns of the blooms that inspired them. Designed and handcrafted in the UK by Haberdashery, the stylised porcelain petals assemble to create a combination of open and closed buds provoking the image of flowers unfurling at the start of the season.

Each elegant Bloom bud is individually lit from within, creating a soft glow and highlighting the precious metal detailing. Finished in either Matt or Gloss White porcelain with Brass or Silver fittings, Bloom is designed to create a unique and breathtaking focal point.

Bloom’s standard compositions are split into three sets characterised by their overall form: Blankets, Conicals and Scandents, created to work across various executions including over a dining table, in a bedroom, staircase or large void area.

Where standard compositions are not suitable for the intended space, custom compositions and a bespoke design service is available.

The Bloom Blanket configuration is perfect for long line dining tables, living spaces or kitchen islands.


Bloom · Blanket · 200

  • Overall Height: 200cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 350cm x 70cm
  • Blooms: 200
  • Lighting: 200 x G4 LED - 240W, 28000 lumens, 3000K
  • Weight: Approx 123kg

Bloom · Blanket · 100

  • Overall Height: 100cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 210cm x 60cm
  • Blooms: 100
  • Lighting: 100 x G4 LED - 120W, 14000 lumens, 3000K
  • Weight: Approx 62kg

Bloom · Blanket · 60

  • Overall Height: 60cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 150cm x 50cm 
  • Blooms: 60
  • Lighting: 60 x G4 LED - 72W, 8400 lumens, 3000K
  • Weight: Approx 38kg

Bloom · Blanket · 9

  • Overall Height: 105cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 25cm diameter 
  • Blooms: 9
  • Lighting: 9 x G4 LED - 10.8W, 1260 lumens, 3000K
  • Weight: Approx 5kg

Note: Phase dimming/Dali as standard - other options available