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The launch of ArtHouse

The launch of ArtHouse

We are delighted to have officially launched ‘ArtHouse’ – our first collaboration, showcasing some of the stunning lights we bring to Australia.

We've taken the approach of working with the design industry's best and brightest, to curate new collections of lights a few times a year, which will be displayed at Home Base, Subiaco.

We are privileged to have worked with two brilliant WA creatives to bring our first collaboration, 'ArtHouse', to life, being Meghan Plowman and Elle Campbell. We have loved every part of this collaboration and look forward to sharing 'ArtHouse' with you all at Home Base. For our friends and supporters elsewhere in Australia, here are some of our favourite images from the 'ArtHouse' collaboration, which is now open to the public.

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base
Above: The 'Cleo' Floor Lamp by Kelly Wearstler takes centre stage, with 'Juno Conrad' Sofa Chair by Roxby Lane. 

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base
Above: LAMP by Elle Campbell illuminated by the 'David' Art Light by Thomas O'Brien also featuring the 'Swing' Table Lamp by Barbara Barry and 'Clemente' Wall Light by AERIN

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base
Above: The 'Clemente' Wall Light by AERIN in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with White

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base
Above: Finer details of the Thomas O'Brien designed 'Keeley' Tall Pivoting Sconce in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base
Above: The Art Deco inspired 'Claymore' Sconce by E.F. Chapman

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base
Above: Stunning detail of the 'Precision' Sconce by Kelly Wearstler

'ArtHouse' by The Montauk Lighting Co. at Home Base

'ArtHouse' - Ohlo Studio
Above: Details of Ohlo Studio's gorgeous hat stand and coat rack combo


The process…

Talented photographer and stylist Meghan Plowman curated the entire collection of lights, selected from our range. Meghan also styled the display, sourcing furniture and other pieces to complete the look and photographed the campaign images, in Elle Campbell’s stunning studio, alongside Elle’s artwork.

"Collaborating with Montauk Lighting Co. was an opportunity for me to exercise my love of curating design. I’m constantly inspired by the creative work of others. With a selection of standout lighting creations by incredible designers to work with, it was a way for me to bring together a range that spoke of the design appreciation of both Marie and Gino. Their collections are varied, but the standout pieces with an art edge were my focus. Lighting can be just as artful as any sculpture, painting or furniture piece and these have been celebrated in this 'ArtHouse' curation.”
Meghan Plowman


'ArtHouse' Campaign Imagery, styled and photographed by Meghan Plowman
Above: The 'ArtHouse' campaign image, styled and photographed by Meghan Plowman in Elle Campbell's studio


Incredible WA artist Elle Campbell created a stunning painting entitled LAMP, specifically for the collaboration. LAMP was painted on one of Elle’s signature silk canvasses and is simply breathtaking. 

Elle Campbell 'LAMP' 2018
Above: In Elle's studio as 'LAMP' is completed. 

Elle Campbell 'LAMP' 2018
Above: A close up of 'LAMP' - a specially commissioned piece by Elle Campbell for the 'ArtHouse' collaboration.


"So incredibly proud to be knocking heads with industry creatives Meghan Plowman and The Montauk Lighting Co… collaborating so seamlessly to produce 'ArtHouse', a curated collection of globally renowned quality lighting design, set effortlessly about Meghan Plowman’s inspiring spatial environment. It was easy to inspire my custom silk painting LAMP when all parties spoke the same heart language. Congratulations to The Montauk Lighting Co. on a mesmerising debut.

LAMP for me is about capturing the mood that is Montauk. Warmth and luster-ing light. Confident, sophisticated designs, effortlessly provoking of experience and memory, malleable to the individual’s space and moment in time.”
Elle Campbell


L-R: Elle Campbell, Marie Botsis-Premici, Meghan Plowman
Above: From left to right - Elle Campbell (Artist), Marie Botsis-Premici (TMLC) and Meghan Plowman (Creative Director)

L-R: Gino Premici, Marie Botsis-Premici, Elle Campbell, Meghan Plowman, Hendra Widjaja
Above: The 'ArtHouse' Team from left to right - Gino Premici and Marie Botsis-Premici (TMLC), Elle Campbell (Artist), Meghan Plowman (Creative Director) and Hendra Widjaja (Makeup)


A huge thank you to Meghan and Elle for injecting life into our lighting and capturing our imaginations. 

Special thanks also to Roxby Lane and Ohlo Studio for providing the stunning furniture that completed our display. You can visit the 'ArtHouse' display at Home Base in Subiaco - see Stand 222 on Level 1.

The Montauk Lighting Co. story

The Montauk Lighting Co. was born from a love of New York City style and transitional American interiors. We love the architecture of Long Island and the Hamptons, but we do try to keep things a little off-centre, which is why we chose Montauk for our brand name. Montauk is at the tip of the Hamptons, a little more remote, rugged and secluded than the other towns, with a strong sense of its own identity, despite being in the Hamptons.

So although we take inspiration from the Hamptons, the lighting range we offer is certainly much broader and also touches styles including Mid-Century Modern, Industrial, Art Deco, Plantation, Ranch and Contemporary.

Rather than having a traditional shop front, we’ve chosen to launch our presence in Perth with a display at WA’s building and renovating mecca, Home Base in Subiaco. We’ll be showcasing collections curated by stylists and designers and changing them frequently, to keep you all interested and inspired!


Lovely photos!

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