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Meghan Plowman X Bauwerk

Meghan Plowman X Bauwerk

Celebrating an appreciation for natural design and a love of function comes Refined Raw, a unique and stunning collaboration between art director and stylist Meghan Plowman and modern lime wash paint producer, Bauwerk.

The colour story has been derived predominantly from earth tones with a focus on the balance between nature and refined elements to develop colours that reflect the stories behind Meghan’s images and travels.

"From natural window light and grey skies that inspire me to create, to the physical shape, colour and structure of desert and alpine landscapes we formulated a unique family of tones to be incorporated into the home", says Meghan of the collaboration.

The exciting collaboration was a year in the making and the resulting colours are true to form for Meghan Plowman - just have a look at her glorious Instagram feed and you'll know what we mean.

The colours in the range are showcased below, along with Meghan's inspiration for each.


"I journeyed from Calgary to Banff, Alberta through the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains following the first snowfall of the season. It was a shapely landscape of linear pine trees and angular peaks shrouded with mist. Underneath the scattered snow laid a palette of deep granite on the side of blue that caught my eye. These many-layered ancestral rocks that make up the alpine monoliths, and the depth of the stories they tell inspire this rich tone."


"The world of botanicals is fascinating to me and in particular it’s greenery that has me most captivated. I travelled the California desert with zeal; enjoying the contrast of arid land dotted with grotesque and wonderfully shaped cactus, trees and agaves. Upon close inspection of the agave plant in all its severity is the most stunning tone of green I just had to bottle. This grey green is my way of bringing my desert memory back home."


Pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

"Silversky is inspired by those overcast days that promise rain, and in my case lift my mood. The overcast glow calms me and I often find myself in the kitchen where I am most relaxed and love to cook. The perfect way to enjoy the silvery light is with a cup pf fresh green tea."


"Whilst exploring the Rocky Mountain foothills with my husband, we stumbled across a dried up stream, carpeted with the most beautiful round and waterworn riverstones. The palette was one of rich and mixed mid greys that have inspired this earthen tone."


"My favourite gift as a child was a ream of fresh, pure white office paper. As a natural light lover and photographer, a white chalky wall is my version of bliss. A pure white radiates a space and the objects within it like a studio, and that’s what Whitelight is – a colour to invigorate and refresh, a blank canvas where anything is possible."


Our favourite? The inky blue tones of Mountain. It has such an incredible depth and interest and works so well against natural tones and mixed materials such as concrete, foliage, leather and brass.

We’re currently undertaking a little Bauwerk project of our own, using Whitelight to update some old concrete pots we had that had become water stained and tired-looking. We’re three coats in and they’re looking a treat – we don’t want to stop as the more you apply, the more life and movement you start to see in the colour.


See more of the stunning range and inspiration at the Bauwerk Colour website

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