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Sand & Sea · Rolling Wave

London-based design atelier Haberdashery presents Sand & Sea - combining delicately suspended clear crystal and moongold ripples to echo the shared forms of dunes and waves.

Inspired by the shared forms of dunes and waves, Sand & Sea was designed to evoke the textures of these landscapes and their natural meeting point. Individual ripples are formed from crystal glass, which was chosen for its aesthetic clarity and inherent narrative driven links to the elements being portrayed.

The compositions are designed to contain a combination of clear crystal ripples converging seamlessly with their metallic counterparts, creating fluid sculptural installations with strong ties to the natural world.

Each composition is lit using downlights and can be accentuated with additional wall spots, activating a complex naturalistic lighting effect involving reflections and refractions.

The Sand & Sea · Rolling Wave range is available in 3 set compositions each configured to complement different spaces within high end interiors.

Sand & Sea is also available in Cascading Wave and custom configurations.


Rolling Wave · 258

  • Overall Height: 150cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 300cm x 150cm
  • Ripples: 258
  • Lighting: 6 x LED Downlights 2700K  
  • Weight: Approx 65kg

Rolling Wave · 135

  • Overall Height: 100cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 200cm x 100cm
  • Ripples: 135
  • Lighting: 5 x LED Downlights 2700K  
  • Weight: Approx 35kg

Rolling Wave · 69

  • Overall Height: 75cm
  • Ceiling Plate: 150cm x 75cm
  • Ripples: 69
  • Lighting: 3 x LED Downlights 2700K  
  • Weight: Approx 25kg